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Roller Replacement Near Riverton Area

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Mrs. Sullivan began to be delayed in her busy schedule thanks to how sluggishly her garage door had started moving, and wanted it fixed.
Our Solution: We inspected Mrs. Sullivan’s garage door and located the problem, which our technicians revealed to be the damaged garage door rollers. They had begun to break down due to age, hence causing the door to slow. Our experts made certain the door wouldn’t move for safety, before opening the tracks to remove and replace the broken rollers.

Lorraine Sullivan - Riverton
New Garage Door Installation | Herriman

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: This customer wanted to spruce up her home with a brand-new garage door, and wanted our help finding and installing the perfect one.
Our Solution: Working closely with Ms. Taylor and going over what she was looking for, our experts helped her decide on a new Sears Carriage House style garage door. The old door was disconnected and removed from the system to be moved out of the way. Afterward, the new door was installed into place and tested once the opener was connected.

Doris Taylor - Herriman
Opener Installation, Draper UT

Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Ms. Gelbar needed an opener put in for her tenant’s garage unit, at minimal cost.
Our Solution: Since neither she nor her prospective tenant cared much about noise, our team installed an inexpensive and user-friendly Craftsman 00954985 model ½ HP chain-drive opener. Installing the drive system and opener and programming the included handset made the garage door ready for use.

Agnes Gelbar - Draper
Track Replacement, Garage Door Repair Bluffdale

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Completely damaged track.
Our Solution: Our technicians replaced both tracks to ensure optimum alignment and longevity. While the second one had not been damaged by the accident, it was quite old and had developed some rust and dents. We carefully removed both sections and fitted the door with new ones.

Logan Downs - Bluffdale
Spring Replacement - Garage Door Repair Bluffdale UT

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Extension spring broke.
Our Solution: Our technician found that the safety cable securing the broken spring was almost completely rusty, and by sheer luck had managed to prevent the component from flying off when it broke. We replaced both extension units (the second one was in nearly just as bad a shape) and installed new springs and new safety cables to make sure the door could keep working safely.

Ricky Doyle - Bluffdale
Panel Replacement - Garage Door Repair Bluffdale UT

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Dented panel.
Our Solution: Our technicians found that only two of the panels were dented and recommended replacing them with similar ones. We were able to find exact matches from the door's original manufacturer and replaced the sections without causing any damage to the adjacent parts.

Jon Eaton - Riverton
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